Saturday, October 22, 2005

Adding Suburban Guerilla to the Blogroll

Susie Madrak has a post at Suburban Guerilla that is worth reading, if you haven't found it at Rude Pundit already. She has a an e-mail message that was posted there, along with her own introduction. I'll give you what she says, and if that interests you, you can read the rest for yourself:

I was just saying this about Patrick Fitzgerald at DL the other night – that there’s no one more dangerous than someone who went to Catholic school and took it seriously. You wouldn’t believe how many progressive activists my high school class turned out.

She also notes an interview with Brent Scowcroft (a/k/a/ Poppy's foreign policy mouthpiece) is going to be published soon in the "New Yorker." The advance word is that the article will detail what "turned Brent Scowcroft against this Bush administration."

I'd say the White House is right to be worried.

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