Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Separated at birth?

The governments of Israel and America, that is. Having seen the success with the "coalition of the willing" in Iraq, Israel apparently thinks it will achieve the same goal in Lebanon.

Certainly Israel has it's own "insurgency" in its "last throes":

A week ago, Israeli officials said their military had knocked out up to half of Hezbollah’s rocket launchers and suggested that another week or two would finish the job of incapacitating the Lebanese militia. That talk has largely stopped.

Hezbollah is still launching 100 rockets a day at Israel, nearly as many as it did at the start of the war. Soldiers return from forays into Lebanon saying the network of bunkers and tunnels is more sophisticated than expected. And Iranian-made long-range missiles apparently capable of hitting Tel Aviv remain in the Hezbollah arsenal.

“Two weeks after Israel set out to defeat Hezbollah, its military achievements are pretty limited,” lamented Yoel Marcus, a columnist and supporter of the war, in the daily Haaretz on Tuesday.

Israeli military commanders say they are not surprised. The struggle is so difficult, they say, because Hezbollah is an organized, well-trained and well-equipped force and is fighting hard.
I'm sure they'll have no trouble getting that "international force" into southern Lebanon. After all, the US has had so much success getting international troops into Iraq.

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