Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just pointing out....

When law school graduates naively think juries and clients and seasoned practitioners will be impressed with their law school grades, reality gives them a sound thumping.

When pastors naively think that, having just left seminary, they will now go to a church that not only will love them but is anxiously awaiting receipt of all the wisdom and erudition they acquired in seminary, they usually don't last long with that congregation.

But when generals are naive, are stupidly, blindly naive, and their naivete leads to the destruction of an entire country, the displacement of 4 million people, and the deaths of probably 1 million more....

“One of the mistakes I made in my assumptions going in was that the Iraqi people and the Iraqi army would welcome liberation, that the Iraqi army, given the opportunity, would stand together for the Iraqi people and be available to them to help serve the new nation,” [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Peter] Pace said.
I guess the lesson is, if you're going to fail, fail big. Fail so big that you make friends among those on earth, so they will be able to welcome you into the eternal dwellings.

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