Thursday, January 31, 2019

Same Song, 22nd verse

He's been saying that for 2 years now; and now he's back to it.  Odd, if you think about it:

“That is all you need to know about where Trump is on the wall negotiations today,” Wallace noticed. “His meandering, at times incoherent ramblings in front of the press poll this afternoon had that same head-scratching theme to it.”

“Asked if he, the president, who presided over the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, costing an estimated $11 billion, could’ve done anything differently, here’s what he said,” she continued.

“Could we have done it differently? No, not really,” Trump argued in the Oval Office. “I think by having the shut down we’ve set the table for where we are now.”

“If I didn’t do the shutdown people wouldn’t know, they wouldn’t understand the subject,” he continued. “Now they understand the subject, they realize what a humanitarian crisis it is.”
Almost as odd as that, of this, from the same event:

A reporter asked if he spoke to the officials, which the president said he did.

“I did and they said they were totally taken out of context,” Trump said.

He added that the officials claimed reports were fake news.

The reporter interrupted to say that the officials testified before Congress and were recorded on television saying something contrary.

“Excuse me, excuse me!” an irritated Trump said. He went on to tell the reporter they were there to talk about China.

He said that the assessment by intelligence chiefs about border security doesn’t mean anything because “we need a wall.”

“But they didn’t bring it up as part of the national security assessment,” the reporter said.

“Next,” Trump said pointing to someone else. 
At least when Reagan retreated into fantasy it seemed grandfatherly and benign (when it didn't seem like Alzheimer's).  And whither the "national emergency"?  Well, that could split the GOP, according to today's reports (tomorrow's reports may well say the GOP is all for it).  But the tweet seems to indicate where the White House is today:

“His aides have to feel he did a whole lot more than set the table,” suggested Wallace, a former White House communications director. “He did damage to his poll numbers and he didn’t build any support for the wall.”

“At this point, Nicolle, White House officials tell me the president has to make a decision — the way he keeps talking about a wall is about existing fencing at the U.S.-Mexico the border,” he explained. “If Democrats offer something to bolster existing fencing can he walk away and call it a deal or not. If not we face another shut down.”
Which is probably why Nancy Pelosi said this:

As for another shutdown:  even Sen. Kennedy from Louisiana can't justify the last one, or another one.

So much winning!

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