Saturday, January 29, 2005

Why We Don't Need the Kyoto Treaty, or...

The World According to George W. Bush, oilman:

Three gallons per day--amount of oil consumed by average American. this is twice as much as the average European or Japanese, 15 times as much as someone in the developing world.

One quarter of world oil production--amount consumed by the United States. Of that, 1/2 is consumed by cars, pickups, and SUV's.

19.7 tons of carbon dioxide per annum--amount emitted by the average American. Nearly twice the amount emitted by average European or Japanese; over 5 times the global average.

From The End of Oil, by Paul Roberts, Houghton Mifflin 2005.

Oh, and, according to Robertson, oil production will effectively end in 30 years. According to Hibbert's Peak, the man who predicted the "oil crisis" of the '70's (and was ridiculed for it, until it came true), also predicted the inevitable end. The reason you don't hear these statistics, and the government that is supposed to protect you isn't worried about it?

Three guesses; first two don't count. Just remember: the crisis is Social Security; not petroleum. And once you buy that, you'll want to invest in this land in Louisiana I have available...

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