Monday, February 14, 2005

Mea Culpa, mea culpa...


having invited you to the new blog (link below), I went there myself and, as I said, threw a snit.

It's been a bad day.

Lent always does this to me.

Any other excuses?

No. Just pay no attention to your churlish host, or at least don't follow his example. Go and enjoy the company and the food and the conversation. I, at this point, am not fit for human society. Eh, it happens. Kind of like werewolves and full moons, only not as often. Time to recharge the spiritual/emotional/philosophical batteries. Fortunately, I downloaded Rick Wakeman's "Six Wives of Henry VIII," which is proving an excellent restorative (owned the album way back when, traveled to a Wakeman concert when I was in college; halcyon days).

And now I'm getting far more personal than this blog deserves. The state of mind, by the way, usually means something needs to be worked out, and worked out on a very deep level. Not the time, clearly, to be engaging in new conversations.

Oh, for a fortune cookie say, two days ago....

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