Saturday, February 05, 2005

Oh, never mind....

Haloscan is not accepting posts, apparently, and this was simply too interesting to leave unnoticed. Maureen Dowd seems to be getting the idea:

What I love about movies and plays is seeing fictional characters behaving in ends-justify-the-means ways I never would. What I hate about politics is seeing real officials behaving in ends-justify-the-means ways on the W.M.D. "crisis" in Iraq, the Social Security "crisis," and the spread of federal disinformation from paid "journalists." Now that's worth howling about.

Now, if she'd just talk to Judith Miller, and maybe take Friedman out for a daquiri and introduce him to Juan Cole's blog. Still, consider it a sign of hope that columnists on the NYT are beginning to question journalists.

Addendum: And then I wake up this morning, and realize her reference is to "journalists" receiving money from the Administration, and not to the drumbeat of criticism of journalism that has gone from the blogs to some magazines (Lewis Laphams of "Harper's" comes to mind). Ah, well....

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