Thursday, April 07, 2005

"I did not think death had undone so many."

The list of theologians (and others) disciplined by the Vatican under John Paul II, as compiled by the National Catholic Reporter.

Some of these names actually mean something to me, and none of them did I ever consider "radical" in their theologies (well, with the exception of Matthew Fox, whom I just considered strange in a Chardin-sort of way): Schillebeeckx; Küng; Boff; Gutiérrez; Rahner. Actually worshipped in a Catholic church that still observed the Latin Mass, though whether it was one of Lefebvre's or had a special dispensation, I never found out.

Too many names that I know from seminary. As I say, I thought some of them quite conservative in their theology. Guess I was wrong.

I have no thoughts on this pope, but it's a complex picture; a complex one indeed. He obviously was quite an inspirational figure; and just as obviously, quite an authoritarian figure, and one did not spring from the other; or, for that matter, seem to affect the other. There is more than one lesson there, to be sure.

Ah, but what is so simple that we can't make a conundrum of it?

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