Sunday, November 06, 2005

Where's the Outrage?

This is no way to start a Sunday Morning.

Picked this up through Eschaton. Pay careful attention, because at no point does this article on torture, actually describe torture. Indeed, torture is called, without quotation marks or a trace of irony, "heightened techniques" which, we can all be grateful, Rumsfeld eventually outlawed. The plainest description of these "techniques" is this:

The Special Forces' Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape course culminates in interrogations that include some physical roughing up; sensory, food and sleep deprivation, and a "water pit" in which detainees have to stand on tip-toe to keep from drowning.
No, this still isn't about torture. It's about the only story the D.C. press seems to know how to write. It's about the horse race.

This time, the "feud" is between the FBI and the CIA. Only the names are different. The storyline remains the same.

Is it any wonder American citizens are among the least informed on the planet? Not only do we not know what Britain is doing, or France, or Australia (listen to world news once in a while; find a news service based in France that reports from Africa, for example), we don't even know what our own government is doing.

Nor, apparently, do we care. Unless there's a horse race to report on.

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