Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WWJD--Part 2

Rather than update the post below, I'll start another connected post. Did a bit of poking about this morning, and came across this, rather quickly:

In wrapping up a 4-part sermon series “Why would Jesus vote?” Jim Henry, pastor of First Baptist Church, Orlando, poised another question Oct. 24, “How would Jesus Vote?”

With just nine days left before the 2004 election, Henry insisted Christians and even non-believers should be informed and “hopefully inspired” when they go to the polls Nov. 2.

Oct. 17 Henry told Florida Baptist Witness he believed his sermon series, combined with the church’s voter registration drive and a visit by the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s iVoteValues.com tractor-trailer information and resource rig were all imperative in light of the upcoming election.

“We consider this a very important election for the future of our country and for people who are going to be in public office, not only the presidency, but at all levels,” Henry said. “The best way is to have an informed and hopefully inspired congregation that will vote. So we really put every pressure I could to get out the vote. We didn’t endorse anybody, but we did endorse values because we feel like God does.”

The last-minute effort took root only after several months of preparation was tossed after Florida was hit with an unusually busy hurricane season which resulted in four hurricanes sweeping across the state—three which affected Central Florida.
So, compare and contrast. Per the article linked below, the retired Rector of All Saints Church gave one sermon on one Sunday in October, 2004.

Pastor Jim Henry culminated months of preparation with a four part sermon series asking "Why would Jesus vote"? and capping a voter registration drive. But All Saints may lose its tax status, while Pastor Henry is under no such investigation; at least none reported that Google turned up.

Draw your own conclusions.

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