Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Hidden Wound--Remains Hidden

Just remember: the real racism is to point out that the majority of the national news reporters are white, and the majority of the people left trapped in New Orleans after Katrina, were African-American.

Because that had nothing to do with the reporting about the rampant violence that overtook the city. Somewhere. Just off camera. And away from the sight and sound of any of the reporters. But it happened. We're quite sure it did. "We" being the almost all-white reporting staff.

But we're not racists. In fact, you're a racist for even thinking that.

John Hill, who covers the state capital in Baton Rouge for Gannett newspapers, was acidic in his assessment of the national media's performance. "They didn't know what they were talking about." He contrasted his first-hand reporting at the Superdome, where he saw groups of families taking turns sleeping so as to care for each others' kids,to the view on his TV at home to Baton Rouge-- Anderson Cooper talking about rapings and killings that turned out not to be true (the "families" angle was seconded yesterday by an African-American acquaintance who was here during the ordeal).

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