Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Surgery was successful, but the patient died

Tell me again the difference between us and them:

Eleven people -- most women and children -- were killed when a house was bombed during a U.S. raid north of Baghdad early Wednesday, police and relatives said.

The U.S. military acknowledged four deaths -- a man, two women and a child -- in the raid that they said netted an insurgent suspect in the rural Isahaqi area, about 50 miles north of the capital.


Associated Pres photographs showed the bodies of two men, five children and four other covered figures arriving at the hospital accompanied by grief-stricken relatives.


''The killed family was not part of the resistance; they were women and children,'' Ahmed Khalaf said. ''The Americans have promised us a better life, but we get only death.''

The U.S. military said it was targeting and captured an individual suspected of supporting foreign fighters for al-Qaida in Iraq.
from Holden. Oh, and the "best part":

An AP reporter at the scene said the roof of the house collapsed, three cars were destroyed and two cows were killed.
Can we declare victory soon, and leave these poor people alone? Heard a report on NPR this morning, and it is quite clear our plan now is to replace Saddam Hussein's brutally repressive regime with another brutally repressive regime just so we can get the hell out of this f*ckup as rapidly as possible.

"No one likes us, I don't know why..." Well, we do, actually; we just won't admit it.

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