Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Alright, now he's scaring me

Representative John Culberson issued the following statement regarding President Bush's address to the nation last night:

"I believe that President Bush and his advisers recognize the severity of the problem along our border and the level of alarm it raises with the American people. The President also understands that securing our borders is the necessary first step towards any meaningful immigration reform. Although his decision to send 6,000 National Guard troops to the border is not likely to have any immediate impact on the situation since they will be unarmed and play only supporting roles, I am encouraged that President Bush embraced the idea of using local and state law enforcement to bolster the Border Patrol. The House bill includes a provision I authored to give $100 million to our southern border county sheriffs so they can hire, train, equip and deploy additional deputies within weeks.

"I am deeply concerned that the President is still advocating a guest worker program that puts millions of illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship and does not require workers to return to their home countries before applying for a temporary visa. The House is unwavering in its position that we cannot even discuss a guest worker program until we have secured our borders."
Just what kind of "impact" was he hoping to have? One that comes from a bullet? Is illegal immigration a capital crime? Are we to consider these people invaders?

As I said: the king must be secure in his subjects. And we gotta keep the brown people from crossing our borders, even if we have to shoot 'em (apparently our undefended border with Canada is less of a concern). No word yet on whether Rep. Culberson considers enrollment in the armed services a "guest worker" program or not.

And if a U.S. citizen gets shot, well, I guess that's the price we have to pay for our security, huh?

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