Monday, May 15, 2006

Fear of a Brown Planet

My congressperson writes an e-mail:

Dear District Seven Neighbor:

Tonight at 7 p.m. CDT , President George W. Bush will speak to the nation and describe his latest proposals for immigration reform. No one wants the President to succeed more than I do, and I have done my very best to support him and advise him on the feelings of his core supporters in west Houston's Congressional District 7, which his father first represented and where his parents now live. In fact, Congressional Quarterly recently published an analysis ranking all House members by the percentage of times each member voted in support of the President, and I ranked second overall at 93.5%. However, for many years I have been a vocal critic of the Bush Administration's refusal to protect our borders and enforce our immigration laws. The problem has never been inadequate laws. Congress has already passed all the border security and immigration laws we need. Unfortunately, the problem is the White House. The Chief Executive Officer of the United States has consistently refused to enforce or execute our immigration and border security laws and prevent illegal aliens and dangerous criminals from walking across the border or entering the U.S. openly by using the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS).

Tonight, I sincerely hope we will witness a dramatic change. I continue to hear and see strong signals that the President and his close knit group of core advisors finally understand how fed up the nation is with the Administration's continued refusal to protect our borders or enforce our immigration laws. I have been a vigorous advocate of deploying National Guard troops on the border and the House has repeatedly passed an amendment authored by Congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia to deploy troops on the border. I believe the President will announce this deployment tonight. I hope he will also empower them to make arrests and build the tent cities or bed space we need to arrest and house the thousands of illegals pouring over our borders every day. I have also urged Governor Rick Perry to call for volunteers to serve as auxiliary National Guard or auxiliary Texas Rangers and deploy them on the border to arrest and deter illegal aliens from crossing the Rio Grande.
Oh, boy, oh boy. Where do I sign up? Volunteer time on the Border: it's my idea of heaven! However, according to NPR this evening, the Guard will only provide support: drive trucks, fly helicopters, that kind of thing. Drat! And the tent cities might actually be an improvement over the colonias, so I don't know how well that will go over. Perry, by the way, announced the Texas National Guard has already been on the border. An aide later amended that statement to conform with reality: two NG soldiers went to the border to provide helicopter flight training; for a little while.

Best rethink the whole mess, huh?

It is important to watch the President's speech tonight, because if he remains committed to granting amnesty to illegal aliens, then the U.S. House of Representatives is our only backstop to prevent his proposal from becoming law. The House majority understands that our nation and simple common sense demand that we first enforce our existing immigration laws and protect the borders fully and completely before we even begin to debate a "guest worker" program. It is obvious that when a dam or a levee bursts and the flood waters pour in, the first priority is to sandbag the levee. Only after the flooding has stopped, do you consider what to do with the flood water and how to prevent future floods.
It is, of course, the liberal media's fault:

Since the Houston Chronicle is so strongly biased in favor of legalizing illegals and is consistent in their refusal to report on the massive national security threat created by our open, undefended borders, I will do my best to forward newspaper articles to you from around the country that will give you a more complete and accurate account of the scale of the problem. Below is an article from today's Washington Times, as well as a few other important articles.

It is difficult and unpleasant for me to oppose our President, especially when he is a fellow Texan and I know first hand how decent, honorable and good the entire Bush family is, but I was sworn to represent District Seven, not the White House. For a long time I tried to ring the fire bell about our open borders in a way that would minimize open disagreement with the President. When his top two local immigration officials stood on stage in Houston in April, 2004, at a town hall meeting that was called for illegal aliens and one of them told the group that the Bush Administration was not going to enforce our immigration laws and would not round up illegals or disturb them in any way, I was outraged, but I kept my complaints quiet and in writing. Surely, I thought, the White House will be as upset as my constituents and I are about the open refusal of these law enforcement officials to enforce the law. Unfortunately, the White House ignored my complaints and has continued to ignore immigration law enforcement so blatantly that in the last few weeks we have witnessed what I would have thought impossible - thousands upon thousands of law breakers marching in the streets waving Mexican flags demanding that our laws not be enforced.
When Mexican flags are illegal, only illegals will have Mexican flags! No, wait a minute....let's have a history lesson, instead. Apparently, America is the New Rome. And we'd better get good at it!

The fall of the Roman Empire occurred swiftly after Emperor Valens opened their borders in 376 A.D. and allowed the entire Goth nation to cross the Danube River en masse. A nation that will not protect its borders, its language or its culture and will not enforce its laws is doomed to repeat what happened to the Roman Empire. The massive scale of the migration of the Mexican nation into the United States far exceeds the scale of the Goth migration into Rome or any other migration in history. It is essential for the long term survival of the American Republic that we protect our borders and enforce our laws, and that we encourage legal immigration of people who want to become Americans by learning our common language, English, and assimilating into the American culture that honors individual liberty, hard work and self reliance.
No national anthem in Spanish! Oh, wait a minute.... And self-reliance? Under the government of George "Did I mention my name was "Bush" W. Bush?

Now that I have achieved my first goal as your Congressman - speeding up the reconstruction of the Katy Freeway
And all the businesses going out of business during the construction, and the nightmarish traffic it's producing, are hallmarks of your career, Congressman. Career, as you know, means "veering wildly."

- I am devoting every ounce of energy that my staff and I can muster to protect our borders and enforce our immigration laws. I will do my best to keep these email updates coming to you on a regular basis, and I intend to start making podcasts available on our website.
I can hardly wait.

I am deeply grateful for the privilege of representing you in the United States Congress.

John Culberson

Member of Congress
Well, at least he's not wasting postage.

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