Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Morning Document Dump & Movie Review

The news-related posts have piled up in the past 24 hours as I've been devoting creative energies to the sermon. So the three posts this morning are part of the document dump for the day, coming in rapid succession because the weekend is the busiest time of the week around here. Consider them in whatever way you wish to.

I have to digress, however, and say that, seeing the ads for it, I wasn't too thrilled by Clint Eastwood's latest offering, "Flags of our Fathers." Everything about it screamed "Hollywood jingoism/patriotism!", all neatly wrapped up in a WWII ("The GOOD War!") package. Well, according to the interview I just heard on NPR, the director of "Unforgiven" (which I have seen) and "Million Dollar Baby" (which I still haven't; please don't write in to chastise me) does not disappoint, and has not reverted to Hollywood war movie form. Indeed, he's got another film coming out in a few months about the same battle, from the Japanese point of view. As he tells Steve Inskeep, he wanted to humanize an enemy who was seen as demonic during the war. Both films, then, are about the power and perils of war propaganda.

I wonder if the GOP is going to claim this, too, was coordinated by Soros and the Democrats.

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