Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just to drive this right into the ground

(because I'm stinking up the comments at Eschaton with this topic, and causing concern among the regulars there, bless 'em), do we really expect this to change in January?

I’m at the Center for American Progress, listening to Sid Blumenthal and Glenn Greenwald talk about the Imperial Presidency, and one thing is important enough for me to want to live blog. Sid says that Wilkerson, Powell’s old chief of staff, believes that the correct number of victims in secret Bush prisons is 35,000, only 5% of which “may” have to do with terrorism. More than twice what I thought, and hardly any to do with the “war on terror.”
(link courtesy of Holden)

Assuming that number is anywhere close to right, who wants to bet against the house that any "detainees" will be released before 2008? And assuming a Democratic President in '08, how late into that year before the releases start? How late into '09? How late into that Administration, before the prisons are empty?

Anybody? Bueller? Ferris Bueller?

Tell me where I'm being unreasonable here. Tell me how this isn't Wounded Knee, or the Trail of Tears, or the Japanese Internment Camps, but this time, we've gone global. Tell me I'm wrong. Please. I'm begging you.

And tell me how we get rid of the 12 Democratic Senators who effectively voted for this, and replace them with people who understand the concept of rule of law, and human rights, and simple decency.

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