Sunday, April 01, 2007

Excuse me. Are you Saved?

Father Jake brings up the issue of soteriology again, an issue near and dear to my theological heart. I've brought up before the anointing story in Luke. It's a fascinating story to me because it has so much to do with the question of salvation, and that question is: is salvation earned? Or is it offered?

And if it is offered, if it is a gift,it cannot be condition on an exchange. Otherwise it is not gift, it is an economic transaction, a result of a barter, an exchange. It is not fundamentally different, then, from a deal with the devil, who in folklore always bargains for one's soul. The only difference would be that, in this case, we are not bargaining with a trickster god.

Do you see where soteriology leads you when you start taking it too seriously?

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