Thursday, May 03, 2007

Biting the feed that hands me

As long as I'm griping about the internet, let me say a word against Google (my humble hosting service! Ha! Another blow for freedom for contrarians!).

Until the day comes when GoogleMusic comes into existence and can identify a tune for me from: "Bum-te-tum-tee-dum BADAM!-barump--tee-tum" or a song from "Something something something baby something", both of which are preferably spoken rather than written out (honestly, how am I to know if its' Bum-te-tum" or "Bum-dee-dum?" If I was sure, would I have to ask?), or until Google can find the picture I am looking for from such perfectly ordinary clues as "The one with the people in it, and a horse," then the internet has failed to live up to its potential, or even to be of much use at all.

What good is all this information out here if you have to know what you are looking for before you can find it? Why, for that matter, should I have to type everything? Why is Google so logocentric? Inquiring French phenomenologically influenced minds want to know!

Until the machine serves our needs as we have them, we were merely slaves to the machine!

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