Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mysterium Liberationis

Following up on this post, NPR now has the audio up on an even better story about liberation theology in Brazil. Better not only because NPR quotes Leonardo Boff, but because it didn't talk to the wrangling "church leaders" and garner a few select quotes, but actually recorded the voices of the people in the field (including bishops!) who are struggling with the problems of "development" in the country.

Ignore the written article at that link, it's lame. Listen to the report. My favorite bit is when Julie McCarthy challenges Father Edilberto Sena about his claim that development is not leading to improved conditions for the poor:

Fr. Edilberto Sena: ...You cannot go to Communion on Sunday and on Monday you destroy the forest. It's against the law of God! I am trying to save Amazonia for twenty-three million people that live here.

McCarthy: Father, let me ask you about that. The people on the other side argue, we are trying to do that by virtue of developing this place. Is there an argument to be made that the Cargills of this world do have a place here?

Sena: Human development means education, food, house, and hope of the future. Where is the growth? Where is the development? And you want me to be quiet?
I'm gonna have to dig out my copies of Mysterium Liberationis, Christology at the Crossroads, and You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free and start reading again. Much to do, much to learn, much to change. As Bishop Carlos says: "When you treat the last as being first, you rescue their dignity."

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