Friday, July 20, 2007

Back from the Harry Potter party

Something I will never (have) to do again in my life.

And I have to say: anyone who can engage so many people so completely in the products of her imagination, deserves at the very least our respect. It is no small feat to do what J.K. Rowling has done, and it wasn't dumb luck or "lightning striking," at least not alone, that made it happen.

Now I'm going to hibernate with the book for a few days. The only way to avoid the spoilers is to not be able to have the book spoiled.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Well, no spoilage possible now. The ideal ending to the series, with some interestingly apt observations on the power of powerlessness.

No, seriously....


I should add this (repeating myself from the comments):

Rowling, for all her faults (they are many but minor, IMHO), plots like a wizard. I was re-watching HP1 on DVD this afternoon, and noticing plot points that were mere details in the first novel, but significant points in the conclusion. She leaves no dangling threads; nothing is extraneous (even the parts some complain pad out the later novels). It is not only a satisfying conclusion to the series, it is the capstone of what turns into a wonderful story.

I loved it.

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