Monday, July 02, 2007

In which our host learns

he is the same age as his literary alter-ego, Thursday Next.

Well, at least I wish she were my alter-ego. But according to the next volume in Jasper Fforde's series (yes, that's his real name, as far as I can determine; apparently he's Welsh, which explains many things, including the Welsh Socialist Republic of his Thursday Next novels), Thursday and I are the same age (I don't think we have the same birthday, though). I mention that just because I like this quote, which I came across last night. And no, it's not a giveaway. Thursday and I are the same age, not "almost the same age." Clearly we also feel the same way about our age:

That's the thing about hitting fifty. All your life you think the half-century is death's adolescence, but actually it's really not that bad, as long as you can remember where you left your specs.
Jasper Fforde, First Among Sequels, New York: Viking 2007, p. 17

It's even better for me, since I can't see the end of my nose without 'em, so loss has never been a problem.

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