Saturday, November 10, 2007

Deliverance; but not without a savior

I was just sent the link to this essay (yes, I have e-mail; no, I'm not telling you what it is). It's by Christoper Dickey, son of the poet and novelist James Dickey, in turn author of the book and screenplay, "Deliverance." The occasion for the essay is a new release of the film on DVD, and an examination of the war in Iraq based on the story in the film. The essay ends here:

In the fiction of "Deliverance," Ed's sanity and bravery eventually save the day when he climbs out of the gorge. What I wonder is whether in the real-world crisis of Iraq there is enough sanity and bravery in Washington to deliver us from the evil that's been created in Iraq. Unfortunately it doesn't look that way. Whether we listen to the Republicans or the Democrats, the woman candidate for president or the men, all the major contenders remain reluctant to challenge the ersatz standards of strength set by the Bush administration. Sure, they snipe at each other, but none want to appear weak on national security. So we're left with "Law, what law? Plan, what plan?" And we continue to float down the river as if without a paddle, unable and unwilling to climb out, with much more violence and in all probability worse humiliations yet to come.
Read the beginning, too. It's worth it.

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