Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday after Ash Wednesday-2010

Interesting story on NPR yesterday morning. It seems the "Christmas Day Bomber" may have been radicalized by Guantanamo Bay. He held a conference on the "War on Terror" of the Bush Administration at University College in London. Three of the speakers were former Gitmo detainees.

"I would have talked about how inside this tiny prison cell where you have no access to the rest of the world, the one thing that gives you solace is the Quran," Begg said. "The only thing that's familiar to you after they have taken away your clothes and taken away your family and taken away your environment and the very air that you breathe, the only thing you can see that is familiar is when you open that book."
Far from being a deterrent, a symbol that strikes fear in the heart of our enemies or protects Americans from "dangerous people," Gitmo has proven to be an instigator; a spark in a pile of gunpowder, a match struck in a fireworks warehouse.

We have met the enemy, and he is us. This should be a very familiar theme in Lent.

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