Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Worth Emphasizing

First, set the table:
I guess the Republican Party is just going to pretend that their nominee isn’t actually going to trial in March on easily-proven federal felonies and is just hoping that trial won’t turn out like every other court case Donald Trump has ever been involved in.
Then the meal:
In a 35-page decision, Judge Engoron also excoriated Trump and his lawyers for making nonsense arguments, so badly misquoting legal cases that they turned the law upside down, and other legal misconduct. 
Five Trump lawyers were each fined $7,500 for making “frivolous” arguments. 
A judge calling a lawyer’s argument “frivolous” is the equivalent of saying it is no better than nonsense from a drunk in a bar, as I teach my Syracuse University College of Law students. 
Trump's lawyers suck. The briefs presented to Chutkan are a joke. They presented no viable defense in the fraud case (summary judgment is VERY hard to win. If you can’t derail it, you really have no defense. You should always have a summary judgement defense.). He presented no defense to E. Jean Carroll, and is again facing a damages-only trial against her, having lost a partial summary judgment in that case, too.

To say his future includes jail time is almost not a prediction now, and more a statement of fact. Snowballs in hell have a better chance than Trump in court, going forward.

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