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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Get Smart!

Missed it by that much!

Somebody's watching too much cable news.
Yup:  a Fox&Friends story.  But not what the POTUS meant to say:
The final words alone resurrect irony to live another day.  And just to clarify:  the bill the House voted on today is not the bill dealing with "unmasking," which is what Trump was, and keeps, complaining about (without understanding what he's complaining about, obviously).

He really has no idea what he's doing.  What a mess!

ADDING:  as we're already talking about Trump's tweets, I can't resist throwing this in:

While Trump is right that these numbers are the highest positive rating for Quinnipiac polls on the economy since 2001, the poll also found that 49 percent of American voters believe former President Barack Obama to be responsible for the current state of the economy. Only 40 percent of voters said that Trump was responsible.

The Quinnipiac poll, which was published on Wednesday, also asked about Trump’s intelligence, his level-headedness, and his fitness to serve as Commander in Chief.

When asked to grade President Trump’s first year in office, 56 percent of those polled gave him a failing grade of an “F” or a “D.” Just sixteen percent of respondents gave him an “A.”

As for Trump’s performance so far in office, only 36 percent said they approved while 59 percent voiced their disapproval.

“No one’s been this low at this point,” the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, Tim Malloy, told Newsweek of Trump's 36 percent approval rating.

The number of American voters giving former president Obama credit for the state of the economy has increased since November.

Forty-three percent of respondents credited Obama in Quinnipiac’s November 22 poll. That percentage rose to 45 in December and to 49 in January.

Trump's numbers have been more stagnant.

Forty-one percent gave him economic credit in November. That percentage rose to 43 in December and fell to 40 in January.

At least somebody's paying attention!


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