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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat

This is actually rather frightening, but not for the reasons Josh Marshall  thinks (Loud Obbs, after all, doesn't hold public office).   If you pay careful attention to Goodlatte, you realize he never really says anything, just notes a correlation of events which he implies leads to causation.  Sen. Johnson swallows the crazy pill and dives head first down the rabbit hole, although he's since tried to pull himself out:

But Nicole Wallace makes it clear:  these people are doing some really good drugs! This is a conspiracy that even Fox Mulder would think was crazy (and did anyone else catch the alien in the spaceship as Trump on tonight's episode?  Devin Nunes is already sending aides to the Library of Congress to fine their copy of All the Answers.).  My only disappointment is that nobody's connected it to a non-existent basement in a D.C. pizza parlor yet (I still think that's where the FBI was holding their off-site meetings!  Pass it on!  And leave an "X" on your window in tape!  It's the signal!)!

I'm gonna go borrow Mulder's suit and hunt for Sasquatch.  It makes more sense than the news does.

PLEASE GOD!  LET HIM TESTIFY TO MUELLER!  And I'll be extra-special good and won't ask for anything for Christmas this year!!!!!


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