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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

When the Posts Write Themselves

I think Donald Trump, Jr. speaks for all of us:


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

From the many hours of mandatory membership in choruses in my college years, it's clear that Trump doesn't know the words. If he ever did is doubtful, I have a feeling he's never had to memorize something that long before.

The one they did at The Late Show was pretty funny, too.

Trump making fun of disabled people, of peoples' bodies, of embarrassing things they have no control over leaves me not feeling embarrassed about people doing the same to him. Same about his adult children who participate in the Trump regime. I've heard speculation that if it comes down to Jared throwing his father or his father-in-law under the bus, he'll save his father and I've heard speculation that if it's a choice between Kushner and her father that Ivanka will throw her father under the bus. She'd have seen how that's done from how Trump treated her mother and Tiffany's mother. If that happens, he's the one who taught the lesson in how to do that.

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