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Sunday, January 07, 2018

"Surely a revelation is at hand!"

So on the first day of Epiphany (yes, it's a season.  Ask the Cajuns in southern Louisiana; there's a reason for Mardi Gras; it's the last celebration of Epiphany before Ash Wednesday.  King Cakes ringing a bell with anyone?  Ok, snark over.) this happened:

And the President immediately signaled he had nothing better to do, and he can watch news other than FoxNews:

Which prompted this panel at FoxNews:

“On the subject of the president watching television,” Kurtz began. “Earlier today a White House official, Stephen Miller, was on CNN talking to anchor Jake Tapper. He turned on his former colleague Steve Bannon and called his remarks in the book ‘grotesque and vindictive.’ And also said that CNN is 24 hours of anti-Trump hysteria.”

“It was a very testy interview,” Kurtz admitted before reading President’s Trump’s tweeted response to Tapper, and adding that Trump was obviously watching.

“Yeah, he just guaranteed the rebroadcast of that show, those rating are going to go through the roof,” campaign strategist Mo Elleithee agreed.

“I didn’t see anything unfair in Tapper’s questions although it was a testy interview” the Fox host offered.

“That’s right, and I haven’t seen the whole interview yet,” Elleithee stated. “But there was a clip at the end where Tapper was trying to ask Miller several questions and Miller, all he would do was just lavish the president with effusive personal praise to the point where Tapper said you’re only speaking to an audience of one right now.”

“Moments later, the president verified that with his tweet,” Elleithee added with a smirk.

“I guess he doesn’t just watch Fox News,” conservative commentator Gayle Trotter added as the panel began to laugh.
Yes, they noted nothing unfair in the interview, and mocked the President both for watching TV news and for boosting interest in a show on CNN, just as he did with Michael Wolff's book (nothing promotes a book like trying to ban it from publication).  And this also happened on FoxNews:

“The CIA does psychological profiles of world leaders,” Wallace observed. “What would you say about a world leader who refers to himself as a ‘very stable genius’?”

Pompeo, however, refused to answer the question.

“I’m not going to dignify that question with a response,” the CIA director insisted. “This is a man who is leading the United States of America and who engages with the intelligence community in ways that are sophisticated. He deals with the most complex issues and has handled them in a way that I great admiration and respect for. We’re keeping America safe.”

“You say you’re keeping America safe,” Wallace pressed. “By raising questions about the president fitness, in a sense — and the president became a part of it, making this the big topic this week — has this book weakened our country, weakened our standing around the world?”

“No,” Pompeo replied without offering an explanation.
I know the WSJ editorial board abandoned Trump from the git-go, but now FoxNews is following Shep Smith and abandoning ship U.S.S. Trump Forever?

I've been outside today and didn't notice anything unusual; but now I'm afraid I'll see pigs flying and water running uphill..... 


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

This on top of the NY Post cover, looks like Trump lost Murdoch.

If that's the case, he's going down.

5:07 PM  

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