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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mole people update

At this point they're just bragging about it....

The Governor of the Commonwealth* of Kentucky:

“Bevin has consistently attacked the expansion as a waste of money, questioning why ‘able-bodied’ adults should be given free government health care that used to be largely limited to children, the elderly and the disabled,” The New York Times explained.
“It doesn’t seem like this will move the needle all that much,” Velshi noted to Gov. Bevin.

“But here is the wonderful thing, what if it moves it for one individual or their children? And think about the trajectory of that family into the future for them to have better opportunity,” said Bevin of his new impediments to health insurance coverage. “It is a great opportunity and will apply to a few but will transform their lives in powerful ways.”

“The intent is not to save money,” Bevin claimed. “The intent is to get people engaged in their own health outcome, because what we’ve seen for fifty some odd years of these programs, Medicaid, we are not helping people’s health become better. We’re not. Especially for those who are able-bodied.”

“That is strange to say, it doesn’t help people’s health get better,” Velshi replied.

“In Kentucky, we have more people than ever on Medicaid and we are — we are increasing in leading the nation in things like lung cancer and things like premature deaths and things like diabetes and hypertension and cardiovascular disease and pick the category,” Bevin claimed.

“Since we have expanded Medicaid we’ve only gotten worse, so the argument would be that well if you provide coverage, somehow people will be healthier. That is not the case,” Bevin claimed.

Medicaid gives you cancer!  You heard it here first!  It also screws with your blood sugar and raises your blood pressure!  It's obvious!  Without Medicaid, Kentucky would be the healthiest state in the union!

Or all the poor people would die off and quit costing us so much money.  Same difference.

But health insurance turns people into drug addicts!  Especially poor people, who have low morals (else why are they poor?!):

“Lawmakers never intended this, but I’m guessing there will be many who will not want to acknowledge it,” said Johnson. “Why? Because Obamacare included a large-scale expansion of Medicaid. During the 2017 debate on repealing and replacing Obamacare, proponents of expansion cited its role in funding treatment for addiction.”

This line of reasoning has been used as a Republican argument to repeal Obamacare in the past. Last March, Conn Carroll, the communications director for Senator Mike Lee, wrote that, “expanded coverage helped cause the opioid crisis. Free pills means more addicts.”

... Medicaid expansion began in 2014, and the opioid addiction was declared an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011. The Centers have also said there is no evidence that Medicaid leads to opioid abuse.
Well, that and those nagging facts:

“It’s not Medicaid expansion causing these overdoses, it’s the rise of fentanyl,” a very deadly opioid that Medicaid does not pay for, said Andrew Kolodny, co-director of Opioid Policy Research at Brandeis University. 
Yeah, but what do doctors know?  I think it was the time machine they included in Obamacare that did it! Now get back to work, you lazy welfare cheats!

“While many view Medicaid as the solution to the drug problem, a better solution may be the very thing that Medicaid so often undermines—work,” [Sam Adolphsen, senior fellow at the conservative, anti-welfare group Foundation for Government Accountability] said. “We know that for most people, the best answer to so many of the problems they face is employment. That is where Medicaid has created a very real problem because it fosters dependency.”
People who depend on healthcare are the worst kind of people!


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