Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Things People Say

I can't even follow the reasoning of this one:
Attacks on Israel are anti-semitic?  So Jews who disagree with Israeli policy or aren't supporters of Netenyahu are self-hating Jews?  Israel=Judaism?  (And may I ask:  whose Judaism?  Same way I'd ask "Whose Christianity?" of those who say America is a Christian nation.)  And who claims discrimination against Jews is really just criticism of Israel?  Is that like saying discrimination against Americans is just criticism of America?  And how would that work?  Since when did discrimination mean disagreement with government policies?  And how is discrimination against Jewish students (which is abhorrent, just as it would be against Asian students, or Hispanic students, or against black students, etc.) justified by claiming it is only disagreement with Israeli policies?  Who does that?

I think I can call for a boycott of Israel without calling for discrimination against Jews, especially if those Jews are American citizens.  Hell, I can disagree with American government policy without discriminating against Americans.  When the boycott of South Africa was called for, did that require discrimination against South Africans?

Honestly, this statement literally makes no sense, even if you assume Jewish=Israeli and Israel=Judaism.  I don't discriminate against Alan Dershowitz because of his rabid and blind defense of anything Israel does, by calling him a twit or refusing to buy his books or otherwise put money in his pocket.  I just think he's a twit and not worth my hard-earned.  If I want to boycott Israel and encourage others to do so, that's my right under the First Amendment.  Discrimination against persons is a whole other problem than disagreement about politics.  And anti-semitism is something far other than disagreeing with the government policies of Israel; unless there are a lot of anti-semitic Jews in Israel.
"What does it benefit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?"
If I agree with Kruse, am I an anti-semite?  Asking for a friend.
And again with Trump, it's all about the money.  Didn't he just do this?
Nice, though Rick Wilson is right:  with Bloomberg's money, the Dems could have secured the Senate.

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  1. I think it's especially telling when the Zionists target not only Jewish critics of Israel, but Jewish Israelis who are the survivors of he Shoah such as the author of the book I quoted the day before last. The number of Rabbis, Orthodox, Masorti and Reform who are targeted as "self-hating Jews" because they are either critics of Israel or have been opposed to Zionism is a lot larger than the lies in the media would lead one to believe. I wasn't aware it was a lot more than a handful recently.

    The Jewish intellectuals who signed that warning published in the NYT in, as I recall, 1949 were prophetic, Israel has fallen under the control of the fascists in the direct line of Menachem Begin as they foresaw. David Sheen, an Israeli citizen has shown how the mirror-Nazism of Yitzakh Ginsburgh and the Chabad thugs have gone from marginal outsiders in the 1990s to members of the ruling government. Netanyahu is relatively moderate compared to some of the younger up-and-coming thugs, some of whom make the Apartheid Afrikaners sound like Ripon Society Republicans of the 1960s. Things are rapidly going from bad to mirror-Nazi with American financial support. It was predicted that would be the result of having a state under constant attack, as it was certain Israel would be when it was established. It's something that one isn't allowed to talk about for fear of being targeted as an "antisemite" the one form of bigotry that has successfully been suppressed to the extent that the false charge of it is enough to cover up this disaster.