Monday, December 13, 2004

And then I remind myself that Advent is about waiting....

Listening to NPR this morning, and I can’t help noticing:

A report on the “War on Terror,” where David From is given free rein to bloviate nonsense (“largest loss of American life in one day”, he says of 9/11. Apparently Americans who die in war or natural disaster are no longer Americans, so this statement goes unchallenged. Where’s a BBC reporter when you need one?), and even Brent Scowcroft is identified as a former adviser to Poppy. But Richard Clarke, the harshest critic quoted, is not identified as an expert in terrorism, or the former White House advisor that he is, or given any reason to be there, except we all “know” who Richard Clarke is. And after Clarke slams the “war on Terror” is creating more terrorists than it has stopped (contra the thrust of the report from the other “experts” interviewed, who all praise it, in one way or another), we are told Condi Rice has gone on TV and said “Richard Clarke does not know what he is talking about.”

Neither, of course, does Condi Rice. But that inconvenient reality would embarrass the Secretary of State-designate, and Richard Clarke holds no position in the government, and From used to bloviate for NPR, and even Scowcroft is still seen as a man of influence, so....

Nice to know the reporting is fair and balanced and completely objective.

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