Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Simple Question

How is it that the "world's greatest military" (as we constantly remind ourselves we have) makes its soldiers resort to digging through scap heaps for metal to armor their vehicles?

How is it the Secretary of Defense, second only to the Commander in Chief, has no answer to the problem of car bombs that continue to bedevil our military?

And why does the SOD seem to consider Iraq equivalent to WWII? When asked about these issues yesterday by soldiers, Donald Rumsfeld replied that "You go to war with the army you have." As if this war were forced upon us; as if we had no choice left but to invade Iraq.

Except we were forced into World War II. And that time we faced, not rag-tag insurgents with car bombs, but two of the mightiest military powers in the world. And we didn't defeat Germany and Japan by "going to war with the army that you have." We defeated them by creating the mightiest military machine on the planet.

Or so we were told. And now? Now we can't even armor the vehicles we send our soldiers out in. Why not? Why are we bogged down in Iraq? Who's responsible here? Whom do we hold accountable?

Where's that buck? Why don't we make it stop somewhere? Even the soldiers are asking that question.

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