Saturday, June 18, 2005

Fearlessly upholding the standard of "Better Late Than Never"...

The New York Times editorial board:
The Bush administration says 9/11 changed the rules and required the invention of new kinds of jails and legal procedures. Even if we accept that flawed premise, it is up to Congress to make new rules in a way that upholds American standards. The current setup - in which politically appointed ideologues make the rules behind closed doors - has done immense harm to the nation's image and increased the risk to every American in uniform.

A trial "says as much about the society that holds the trial as it does about the individual before it," Commander Swift reminded the Senate. "Our trials in the United States reflect who we are."

The detention camps should meet no less of a standard.
This whole business is making me rethink Reinhold Niebuhr's Moral Man and Immoral Society.

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