Friday, June 17, 2005

Texas Kitsch Blogging Goes International! Part 2!

Godzilla wishes to introduce you to German Texas Kitsch. Posted by Hello

It doesn't show up clearly here (unfortunately), but the decoration atop the stein is a cowboy boot, and there is a revolver, barrel down, on the lever which lefts the lid. This is a souvenir of the Texas Sesquicentennial from New Braunfels, Texas. It features a German Cowboy riding a very "German" horse. Ever seen "What's Opera, Doc?" At the end Elmer and Bugs ride away on a "Germanic" horse that is all torso on disproportionately short legs. That's the horse on this stein.

The Gang of Three Posted by Hello

True internationalism in Kitsch Blogging. The stein on the far left is from the Texas Renaissance Festival, a celebration of English culture on the Gulf plains of Texas where the climate most closely resembles that of Calcutta. The Hofbrau stein is from Germany. All three are proudly used, from time to time. Just as the Pez dispensers are.

What? We haven't gotten to the Pez dispensers? Sorry, already getting ahead of myself.

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