Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Fish Rots from the Head

Fine, Michael Brown resigned from DHS largely for public incompetence: i.e., saying and doing stupid things which showed he hadn't a clue how to handle a disaster, which was supposed to be his job. (Although perhaps he was surprised his job involved more than just passing out money in Florida.)

So when does Michael Chertoff step down?

Brown admitted FEMA had considered the flooding of New Orleans the "worst case scenario" that could face FEMA. But Chertoff said no one had anticipated it.

Brown blamed the people themselves for not evacuating New Orleans. Chertoff blamed the "first responders."

Brown didn't learn there were people at the Convention center until Thursday, September 1. Neither did Chertoff.

So here's the question: why is Chertoff still on the government payroll?

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