Monday, September 19, 2005

Imitatio Christi

On the topic of religion, I came across this post, and this blog, at Huffington Post just now. And this link from Diogenes, in the comments.

"Imitato Christi" asks: "What Would Jesus Do?" , and the answers are interesting. "Speaking of Faith" directs our attention to issues of poverty and racial isolation in America (as does Paul Krugman, whom today I can only direct you to in a summary, courtesy of Eschaton).

And just as a matter of miscellany, we shouldn't overlook the matter of Gretna, Louisiana, where people fleeing New Orleans were turned back into the flooded city. As Mayor Ray Nagin said: "We allowed people to cross ... because they were dying in the convention center. We made a decision to protect people…. They made a decision to protect property." The people of Gretna continue to stand behind that decision.

Randy Newman's songs are all the rage now. "Louisiana 1927." "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today." But the Newman line that comes to mind now is: "It's money that matters/in the U.S.A."

Sadly, yes.

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