Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Only Connect-Part 2

Josh Marshall notes that apparently calls went out from Cheney's office to see that certain repairs were done first (specifically, to supply power to a pipeline that sends fuel to the northeast.) Apparently that pipeline carried military grade, i.e., "jet" fuel, which might explain the "urgency.'

But as the article posted just below notes, this entire affair seems to have been run out of the White House, despite attempts to deflect responsibility downward first to the the Mayor of New Orleans, and then to the Governor of Louisiana, and finally onto Michael Brown as scapegoat.

Maybe Bush did have other reasons for insisting he was "responsible," at least to the exent "the federal government didn't fully do its job." Maybe there's a great deal more to how this disaster response was handled, and who tried to handle it. Maybe all that talk of "delegating" isn't as honest and crystal clear as we'd assumed.

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