Monday, September 26, 2005

Thou Shalt Not Endanger the President's Life

Apparently when greed and malfeasance threaten the President's life, it's a serious matter:

``Greed prevailed over the safety of police, soldiers and even the president of the United States,'' Kohn said. ``The officials who personally profited from selling the defective vests to law enforcement must be held accountable to the fullest extend of the criminal code.''
What's the problem? The Zylon fabric used in bulletproof vests made by Second Chance breaks down faster than expected. This is, of course, a serious matter. And it warrants a criminal investigation.

But apparently fraud and waste in Iraq or the reconstruction of New Orleans, well...Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, and we're too busy helping to point fingers right now.

But the guy who sold the President a bum vest? Bury him under the jail.

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