Thursday, June 29, 2006

'Crackpot Religions Ltd. Arthur Crackpot President and God (Ltd)'*

(*a mildly obscure reference to Monty Python. Read on; it makes sense in a minute)

Alright, first things first: if you are at all interested in Anglicanism, or theology, or good humor, go here and just start reading. I'm jealous; I'm really, really jealous. I mean, I'm even jealous of the name of the website.

I'm really, really jealous.

And thanks to jane for turning me on to the Mad Priest. If it isn't the first one up by the time you get there, try this one for an example:

Question One
Which of the following is the number one priority for Anglicans?
a) God, the Father.
b) God, the Son.
c) God, the Holy Spirit.
d) God, the Bible.

Question Two
Which of the following was created by human hands?

a) God, the Father.
b) God, the Son.
c) God, the Holy Spirit.
d) God, the Bible.

Question Three
Idolatry is the worship of what?

a) God, the Father.
b) God, the Son.
c) God, the Holy Spirit.
d) Something created by human hands.
And then there's this (follow the link; I'm not copying everything he does). And then there's this excellent article from South Africa, which I will copy a bit of. The words of Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane:

We need to be tolerant of difference.

The Anglican Church in Southern Africa knows what it is to live with difference and otherness. We were born in conflict but, in spite of our problems and disagreements, we have agreed on the fundamentals and recognised that we are together despite our differences. You do not find us today divided into a black church and a white church, for example.

At present there is a lack of appreciation for the governing structures of the Anglican Communion. The worldwide Anglican Church is made up of autonomous provinces which make their own laws.

The Episcopal Church in the USA is one of the most democratic of our autonomous provinces. The Diocese of New Hampshire elected Bishop Gene Robinson democratically, according to their constitution and canons. The same can be said of the recent election of the new Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. Those elections were not illegitimate within the rules of the American church which is an orderly church – as is our church in Southern Africa. There was a clear majority in favour of both candidates.

A proper understanding of how the institutional life of the Anglican Communion has served our spiritual life and ministry is fundamental to avoiding a knee-jerk resorting to talk of schism whenever any disagreements arise among us.
As the Mad Priest says:

I believe it gets quite warm in Cape Town. There are beaches and I wouldn't be surprised if there was an Anglican Convention Centre somewhere nearby. So. Last one in the water's a sissy!
Did I mention I'm really, really jealous? And I mean really.

"Blessed is Arthur Crackpot and all his subsidiaries Ltd."

By the way; we can continue the discussion down here, or bring it up here. Your choice.

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