Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"No one likes us, I don't know why..."

"We give them money, but are they grateful? /No, they're spiteful and they're hateful." --"Political Science," Randy Newman

UN Amb. John Bolton at Oxford:

In what was rapidly becoming his interrogation, a woman from America questioned Bolton about the need for a balanced approach where America would represent the best interests of the world at large rather than its own particular regional self-interest. At that point, Bolton fumbled. In a clumsy and misguided attempt to turn the tables on his adroit and incisive challengers, Bolton threw out a question of his own. He called for a show of hands of those in the audience who were British. Bolton then asked how many of them wanted the British Ambassador at the UN to represent the interests of Britain. Only one or two hands were raised. Then he asked to see a show of hands of those British subjects who wanted the British Ambassador at the UN to represent not only the interests of Britain but also the collective interests of the other members as well. At least a dozen hands went up into the air. Stunned, Bolton was dumbfounded and said rather witlessly, “I would have gotten a different result in America.”
Sadly, he's probably right.

At that point, the crowd was warming to the battle unfolding before them and led so capably by the incensed Americans in the audience. With their voices rising in taunts and jeers and more than a dozen hands demanding to be recognized to put more questions to him, Bolton’s attention turned to his phalanx of security agents who surrounded him drawing the question and answer session to an abrupt close. In retrospect, Bolton’s was a disgraceful performance, one committed to an ancien regime of property, monetary wealth and military power in diametrical opposition to the democratic rights of humanity. John Bolton showed himself to be a behemoth of corporate greed and corrupt political influence in world diplomacy. My view is that his appointment to the Ambassadorship of the United Nations was tantamount to appointing Vito Corleone to head the FBI.
Form your own opinion about Amb. Bolton; but note in the article how many times it mentions that American students led the charge.

Too bad they don't have albums we can burn.

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