Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Funny you should mention that....

Could Bush & CO's blustering yet misplaced response to Al Qaeda not be merely a matter of doing what helps in domestic politics over what actually will fight terrorism or a matter of pure incompetence but be part of a thought-out plan to keep Al Qaeda and similar orgs. at bay and, e.g., busy firing at our troops in Iraq?

Sometimes Bush & CO say as much with their rhetoric, even.
This thought has apparently occurred to some reporters as well (at least those who have abandoned, dare I say "cut and run from," the Ted Koppel philosophy of journalism):

House Majority Leader John Boehner (Ohio) held a news conference and declared that Democrats have "no plan at all to confront the real threat of terrorism and to achieve victory in a global war on terror."

But David Rogers, a Wall Street Journal reporter and Vietnam veteran, had prepared an ambush for Boehner. "In Vietnam, they used to put us out in these fire support bases and hope we would get attacked," he said. "Is that what you are doing? You are putting people in Iraq and hoping they get attacked so you can bring out the terrorists?"

"No, no," Boehner protested.
Inch by niggle, the tide turns.

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