Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning very bright...

So, here's the question: If your focus is the contemplation of God, what do you have to write about?

Even if it involves contemplating God through action in the world, in the concrete lives of concrete others (not the imagined lives of an unknown audience). What, then, do you have to say?


  1. Well here's one answer:
    The title of your blog was -exactly- what I contemplated about God this morning!
    Light streaming into my bedroom window constantly leads me to contemplate Our Father's generosity and goodness.
    But it was especially welcome ( and I especially grateful) after a week of storms!

  2. That its too big to get around or over or under, you've just got to go on right inside. If you say anything. Actions are what signify.

  3. I'm halfway through a book titled In God's Presence; theological reflections on prayer, which is revolutionary in many ways for me. I want to write about the book on my blog, and I'm trying to decide whether to break the writing into parts and write about what I've read or wait until I'm finished reading the book.

    The book and I have something to say about your question, but, as Augustine said in his prayer, "Not yet".