Sunday, April 01, 2012


Simone Weil:

"Christianity should contain all vocations without exception since it is catholic. In consequence the Church should also. But in my eyes Christianity is catholic by right but not in fact. So many things are outside it, so many things that I love and do not want to give up, so many things that God loves, otherwise they would not be in existence. All the immense stretches of past centuries except the last twenty, are among them; all the countries inhabited by colored races; all secular life in the white peoples' countries; in the history of those countries, all the traditions banned as heretical, those of the Manicheans and Albigenses for instance; all those things resulting from the Renaissance, too often degraded but not quite without value.
"But everything is so closely bound up together that Christianity cannot be really incarnated unless it is catholic in the sense that I have just defined. How else could it circulate through the flesh of all the nations of Europe if it did not contain absolutely everything in itself? Except of course falsehood. But in everything that exists there is most of the time more truth than falsehood."


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