Thursday, August 04, 2016

Another day in paradise

I swear I was going to leave Donald Trump news alone this morning; but Megyn Kelly wouldn't let me:

“It’s true that the mainstream media now hates Trump,” she said. “But must he help them? Must he help them so generously every day?”

Hates Trump?  Why, because they simply report what he says?  My favorite line coming out of Trump's mouth yesterday was that's he's a "tremendous fan of disabled people."  Because being disabled is just like being an athlete or a celebrity; it's a matter of fandom.


But it's okay; Donald is going to "pivot" to talking about Crooked Hil.*  Just as soon as he gets through proving what a fan of the disabled he is, and reminding us about where blood comes out of Megyn Kelly, and that he really, really did see Muslims celebrating on 9/11.

Because he also really, really did see the U.S. "secretly" delivering $400 million to Iran:

"Remember this: Iran — I don't think you heard this anywhere but here — Iran provided all of that footage, the tape of taking that money off the airplane," Trump said, according to the Post. "Right?"
He claimed Iran released the video to embarrass the U.S. (something they wouldn't dare do if Trump were President, right?).  Except:

The Washington Post asked Trump's staff to explain what Trump was talking about and emailed a link to a Fox News clip that showed the January footage from Geneva, asking if that was the video the nominee saw.

"Yes," spokeswoman Hope Hicks responded in an email. "Merely the b-roll footage included in every broadcast."

Hicks has yet to respond to a follow-up email asking why Trump thought the footage showed a money transfer and not the widely watched prisoner swap, and why Trump said it was recorded by the Iranian government.

But remember:  the campaign has never been more unified!

UPDATE:   And why let the truth uttered by a campaign official get in the way of a good lie?  Trump in Portland, Maine today:

“I woke up yesterday and I saw 400 million dollars … being flown to Iran,” Trump said shortly after bragging about overcapacity turnout at his campaign stops. “Folks, what’s going on here? What’s going on?”**


“I wonder where that money really goes, by the way,” he continued. “Either in [Iran’s] pockets … or toward terrorism. Probably a combination of both.”

Trump maintained that the video “was given to us — has to be — by the Iranians. And you know why the tape was given to us? They want to embarrass our country.”
Well, somebody wants to embarrass our country....

*Apparently by calling her the "founder of ISIS."

**As anyone with access to the news should know by now, the money was a refund for a purchase of arms canceled in 1979.  The very fact that Trump has to ask, indicates he isn't qualified to be President, because he's either a liar, or a fool.  And he may have only seen it yesterday, but the world knows it happened in January.

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  1. Megyn Kelly is the dead giveaway that you have to be so degenerate to work in the American media that you are willing to abandon your self-respect for money. McCain, Rubio, Ryan do the same in Republican politics.