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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Karma is a Bitch

One of Trump's signature accomplishments, according to him, was the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court*.

And the only reason he got to appoint Gorsuch is....?

(And I didn't even get to this one:

“Drugs are flowing into our country,” Trump told reporters, according to Parti. “We need border protection. We need the wall. We have to have the wall. The Democrats don’t want to approve the Wall because they think it’s good politically, but it’s not.”

“If you look at what’s happening in California with sanctuary cities — people are really going the opposite way,” he continued. “They don’t want sanctuary cities. There’s a little bit of a revolution going on in California. Human trafficking is worse than it’s ever been in the history of the world.”

Because drugs can't fly, or come by boat, and because 400 years of chattel slavery never really happened, or...oh, I can't keep up!  I do look forward to the next press gaggle, however.)

*Which, come to think of it, he may not be too happy about right now.


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