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Monday, April 23, 2018

Wasn't there a funeral over the weekend?

Just because it's the last thing I posted about on Saturday, this should be the first thing I post on Monday.  Maggie Haberman reports on the funeral of Barbara Bush:

Mrs. Trump went the extra mile for the funeral, bringing with her former White House staffers who were close to Mrs. Bush.

“She was trying to show something genuine about Barbara Bush — and in that moment President Trump was tweeting and turning everything into something about himself,” Haberman said. “As I understand it from people who attended the funeral, his tweets were talked about at the funeral. They created a stir among people. If you are President Trump, as we know, he likes to watch TV a lot and I don’t think this Saturday was an exception. Saturday, a day that the rest of the political world came together and this club of former presidents, which is a pretty small club, who know what that is like, had a common bond and there he was isolated.”

Yeah, pretty much:

It was obviously a moving experience:
(Not even what the WSJ said,m but moving on.)  In the end it was 24 tweets in 48 hours; two of them about Barbara Bush's funeral, but even those about Trump, not Mrs. Bush.  The rest would embarrass a 10 year old:

Because how dare Chuck Todd not praise Dear Leader!  By the way, "denuclearization" doesn't necessarily mean what Trump thinks it means:

"To Kim, denuclearization applies to the whole peninsula, which includes the South," David Maxwell, retired US Army Special Forces colonel and a fellow at the Institute of Korean American Studies, told CNN in March, prior to Moon's statement on Thursday.

This isn't the first time Pyongyang has flirted with denuclearization

Experts said Pyongyang has long been expected to push for American military presence across the border to be part of the discussion, a position Pollack said he wasn't sure had changed despite the South Korean's president's remarks.

Although the US hasn't stationed nuclear weapons in South Korea since 1992, Pollack said North Korea considered the US's mere presence on the peninsula a nuclear threat.

"They really are threatened by superior American and South Korean military power, they need nuclear weapons to try and prevent an invasion in their view," Pollack said.

"They feel the need to equate their nuclear program with the (US and South Korean) military alliance and claims the military alliance is a nuclear threat, when there's no real grounds for that."

In other words, North Korea doesn't mean "we'll give up our nukes," it means:  "U.S. out of Korea!"  Which doesn't exactly presage a successful summit; and where do you go from a failed summit, except down?
If nothing works out it's not Trump's fault, and if something does work out it's due to Trump's genius!  Hail Dear Leader!

Golden oldie, just because.

And since it's part of his twittering this morning:

Members of the caravan have just started reaching the [Mexican] border, and a larger group of hundreds of migrants is days away, organizers say. Many in the caravan say they plan to turn themselves in to US authorities and ask for asylum.

Which, for our racist xenophobic President, is an unacceptable adherence to U.S. immigration law:

Brown people!!!  VERY SCARY!!!!!!!  


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