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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Like a Cinema

Trump is being very specific here.  The regulations governing the special prosecutor say that prosecutor can be removed from office for “misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause.”  The problem is, conflict of interest is not whatever the POTUS wants to say it is.  The "conflict" (which now includes Rosenstein) is that they have Trump by the short hairs, as we used to say.  He's screaming because it's his only out, and even Alan Dershowitz thinks Trump has to let this process proceed (Dershowitz cites from fuzzy notion of "executive authority" to determine who is investigated and who isn't.  How that evades obstruction of justice is not explained.  Harvard Law really needs to disavow any knowledge of his relationship to them.).

More and more I don't think he's going to, and that's when the fun begins.  Frontline ran a show last night about how Trump is reshaping the GOP in his image; part of the argument was based on the number of GOP office holders who are resigning or retiring, and word comes today that Paul Ryan won't seek re-election.  Follow the money:

 It will not be easy to convince Republican donors to pony up now that the speaker himself has surveyed the terrain and chosen to pack it in. And with many state filing deadlines still to come, expect to see yet another wave of House retirements.

The opportunities for Democrats keep growing, and Trump moving to fire Mueller would throw kerosene on that prairie fire.

Trump clearly thinks loyalty runs only one-way, and that's towards him.  He's dividing the country into "Democrat loyalists" and those who are loyal to Trump.  All he needs is two steel balls to roll in his hand, and to start obsessing about the strawberries.  The duty of the people and the elected officials is to the Constitution, not to an unqualified and insane POTUS who happens to be Captain of this ship of state.  It isn't mutiny to refuse to support him; it's the power of the sovereign, which is us.


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