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Saturday, April 21, 2018

The New "Normal"

Well, there was that one time, in the Oval Office.  But that doesn't count!

And Habermann's response:

Not that I consider Roger Stone a reliable source, or that this article provides any real information about what Cohen will do (who knows what Cohen will do?).  But this is how we've come to expect our President to spend his time.  Well, when he's not tweeting about his rallies (which is his next tweet after these three).  Because rallies are an important use of the President's time, too; especially 2+ years before the next election.

I'm not sure whether it's Donald or Dan who wrote this, either.  The spelling error sounds like Trump, but Trump doesn't usually connect his tweets the way these were.  Suggests a higher technical knowledge than I think Trump has.  Who knows?  We used to have Kremlinologists analyzing the chicken entrails of messages that came out of Moscow back in the day, trying to figure out who actually sent the message and what that could mean.  Maybe we need Trumpologists to do the same now; or maybe we don't need that much "normal" about this.

I should note: if Cohen doesn't flip, he's true blue; if he does, he's a liar.

Spoken like a mob boss.


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

"Numblinology," it's a thing now.

Anyone who would believe anything Roger Stone says is probably someone who doesn't know anything about Roger Stone. I doubt anyone who knows him believes anything he says.

9:13 AM  

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