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Thursday, April 18, 2019

I can't quit you...

So, if the House impeaches, will the Senate convict? And if not, does that help Trump's re-election chances?

Impeachment is the unicorn of Constitutional law: nobody's ever seen it, but we're all sure we are the virgins who could finally capture one. In reality, we are dogs chasing a car: what do we do with it if we catch it? We are sure we know the answer but, since we've never done it, why are we so sure?


That is a much surer route to justice. In the end, this should be a legal matter, not a political one.


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

IF and only IF Mueller soon comes out saying that his investigation is hardly the last word on this, I'll admit I've been hard on him over his letting Barr lie about his report. That footnote that Katyal points out is a good sign that Mueller realized the political impossibility of successfully removing Trump with impeachment and he was laying the bread crumbs to his eventual conviction in the Courts but that's only ever going to work if Mueller comes down off of the plinth and says his investigation was not complete and total and that the Congress needs to do its own investigation of things he never touched or wouldn't risk touching.

I'd call impeachment of an American president a myth. It certainly hasn't worked to get rid of some of the most obvious criminals in its history, and there have been a lot more of those in the presidency than there are in the general population. They're bunch of sleeveens, the most of them.

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