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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

"Only Connect"

So, when you hear about the woman who terrorized Denver today and put the FBI on alert, and then ended the threat by taking her own life (presumably with the shotgun she bought when she got to Colorado, all perfectly legally because we only want to keep guns from people who will harm themselves or others, and how do we know for sure who they are before the fact, right?), please remember that she had a family who loved her, as we hope we all do:

“Please just come home, Sol,” Gardi Pais told his daughter in an interview with The Daily Beast hours before her death. “Everyone is looking for you and we just want to make sure you are OK and don’t do anything you will regret. This whole situation has been a nightmare, I don’t know why she would do this.”

I have a daughter; I can't imagine the pain this father and family are suffering now.  The national nightmare is the mass shootings that scare us so.  This story is only a personal nightmare; but it still involves a shooting, and people who will grieve.


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